Sunday, March 21, 2010


There's no reason for the title. I just like saying lollipops. Lollipops.


So, today is one of my suckiest days. The list just keeps growing, nai?

Subha there wasn't any light - no surprise there and UPS kharab hai so my fan wouldn't work. I woke up super early even though I slept super late =/

I wandered around here and there, looking for my parents and then I remembered they'd left for.. somewhere =P

Last exam tomorrow, can't study because of damned garmi and OKAY SO I PROCRASTINATE. Sue me.

Light ai 10 baje aur sath he mehmaan aa gaye. Unwelcome, uninvited mehmaan. Then I had to cater to them like a good little bachi and pretend I was thrilled to see them although what I really wanted to do was bash their heads in. Trust me, they deserve it.

Mushkil se wo 2 ghante baad niklay aur sath he DOBARA light chali gai.

Aur kyunke Mashallah se we have no maid aj kal, all the kitchen and cleaning up duty was mine. Oh, joy.

Joy, joy, AGH. I can't study now.

I need new topics to whine about, nai?


Lonely Perverted Soul said...

For some odd Reason your blog always makes me smile... I missed your posts and your whinning.. :P

Ahmed said...

You make us smile you whiner!!!!