Sunday, March 14, 2010

Last Mids?

I just realized. These are the last (hopefully) mid-terms I'll be giving. At least for a while. It feels unreal, you know? For about 6 years, I've been crying, moaning, whining about how much I hate where I study - don't get me wrong - I still do but... Its sort of hard to believe I'll be getting away from here. Finally. Finally.

Its sort of like when you've been jailed for years and you suddenly get freedom. Lol. But the bad part is I've been so happy about this being my last semester here that I haven't touched my notes. And my first mid-term exam is tomorrow.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen. I am still the idiot I was. And it doesn't feel like I'll be changing anytime soon.

Everyone told me I'd be sad in my last few months. I'd start missing it all. I'd cherish every day, every memory. But the honest truth is, I don't. I don't feel like that at all and I know I'm not about to start. No, I'm not that cold a person. Its just... I have more bad memories of this place than I can handle. The good memories are always, always spoiled by the bad ones. Because even when something good happened, the bad would step in and remind me of how good is next to impossible here.

I'm melodramatic. I know that. You know that. But what I said above is the truth. Honest. Its not drama.

And God, how I wish I'm wrong.


Ubaid said...

Best of luck for your mids

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Im glad that u dont feel sad.. Coz i had very weirdish feeling when i left my university...