Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I wonder how it feels to be hypnotized.
I don't think I could ever let myself be so susceptible to someone.
My department is thinking of calling a hypnotist to show us how it works.
I'm never, ever going to participate.

Health Psychology mid-term tomorrow. I am not at all expecting myself to pass. The amount of course is staggering. Also, incredibly confusing. How? I SUCK AT BIO. SUCK AT IT. And I have to learn all body systems and their respective functions (even the chemicals, GAH!) in one night. That's not including the dumb-ass 50 pages long notes on Hypnotism; among other dumb-asses.
Oh come ON.
I'm telling you. She's doing this to torture us. SHE IS. This is the same teacher who has a grudge against me.

Ha, my passing THIS paper? Not likely.


MagicalMe said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Before every paper you say you haven't prepared/ won't pass/ suck at the subject and stuff. The result? The paper turns out to be easy and you pass your exam with distinction. =D
Ho jai ga. Trust me. :P
And if you fail, it will be because of FB and Blogger, not the evil teacher. :P
sorry4thelongcomment =|

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Hope you pass... And if you fail it would definitely be becoz of the evil teacher... I say complain to the dean about her...