Thursday, February 11, 2010


The first day, first class of semester 8, I dared ask my teacher a question, relevant to the course. I had no idea what she was talking about, where it came from and what the hell she wanted to get across. So I asked her the meaning of a sentence she spoke.. something to do with wilfully producing psychosomatic symptopms - a concept that flew over my head which was why I asked her what it meant in the first place.
After a long glare, the answer I got was
"Aap Freud se ja ke pochein, this is none of my concern".
Needless to say, I stared back. I was absolutely dumbfounded by her answer because frankly, no matter how bad my previous teachers have or have not been, I have never in my life received an answer like that. Even if they don't know the answer, they tell me they'll look it up and let me know.
But this woman. God. She dismissed my question, labeling it 'inappropriate and beside the point'. The whole class was stunned by her attitude. After that, I didn't make the mistake of asking her anything else.
Yesterday, my friends and I were having problems coming up with this stupid topic she gave us for our presentation and I had to go to her for help. I asked her if she could issue a book or two, because I could get nothing off the internet. After a series of long glares, she said that I was going about it wrong, probably never used the internet and didn't know how to search, wasn't creative, productive, blah blah. I gave up and came back to class.
This morning, a teacher who'd taught me in the previous semester told me that there were complaints about me in the whole of the department, and what had I done to get such vicious gossip started about me. I guessed the source and asked her if it was who I thought, and guess what? It was. The same teacher who took offense at my asking questions in class. Apparently, she's been going around all the staff rooms, asking my previous and current teachers what kind of a student I am in class, and what kind of grades I get. She claims - to ALL of my teachers including the Head of Department - that I'm incompetent, rude, stupid, un co-operative and a general nuisance. This is only the gist of what I heard today. She's started a personal vendetta against me in the staff room and is trying to get all of my teachers to believe that I should be black-listed.
I ask you.

What the HELL am I supposed to do?!


MagicalMe said...

Aren't teachers supposed to actually encourage you to ask questions? :S
Report her, I'd say...

The Me. said...

Evil teachers are life ruiners, seriously! I sympathize with youu. Well you know you could maybe lay low for sometime and ignore her. Nothing pisses off evil teachers more than you not giving them a reason to be pissed off about. =d and I mean the other teachers don't really have a problem with you right? So hopefully the whole thing will go away soon soon =]]

Maryam said...

MM: Forgotten Pakistan that quickly? Come back here for a visit and then try saying that again. But to answer your advice, I did try to talk to a teacher. Nothing happened, obviously.

The Me: That's exactly what I'm doing. The other teachers called me "intelligent, motivated and really hard-working" so yay me but misconception on their part =D

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

just ignore her and try to pass the course... thr r othr things in life to worry abt...

MagicalMe said...

I have NOT forgotten Pakistan!
I advised to report her because this worked for me. I was the victim of an evil teacher too. D: