Sunday, January 10, 2010


What is with you people?! I log in every day, NOBODY blogs. The same week old posts I see every day. I don't log in for a DAY. One day. And EVERYONE has updated their blog. Ajeeb log ho.

Mehreen, I feel dumb every time I read your brilliant posts. So here's a public apology and a reason for why I don't comment as much as I should. Neelofer, I lost your blog links *hangs head in shame* I love you, don't kill meh.

So. Besides that. My exams are over with but I have 3 practicals left. Viva. 3 viva. *gulp*
Help me, God.

Thund kuch zyada nai ho gai Lahore mein?


mehreenkasana said...

Brilliant? You're too kind. Thank you for the generous words. :)

Thand kaafi hai, yaar.

The Me. said...

I blog almost everyday =$

Rahul Jain said...

Viva.. They take my fuckin' balls out in viva.. The only moment and situation in life where someone can win over me.. Fuck Viva, fuck engineering..

neeli said...

quite the loser you are. one is khudhi and the other is blacksmokeswirls. i think.
i don't write much're not really missing much :P

Ubaid said...

I do, i do :D oh wait you don't read mine =/

Maryam said...

Neeli: My hart iz alvayz yurz <3
The Me: No, you blog EVERYday =P
UB: Shorten your posts, add some happy - I just might read it.

neeli said...

good to know babe