Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Can't decide. LG Cookie or Sony Ericsson w395i?

LG Cookie:

P.S. Don't offer any other phone unless they're from 9-11000.
No, I don't believe a cellphone is the center of my life and refuse to spend more than the above mentioned amount. Thank you. Help meh, plis.


Beenish said...

Don't buy cookie, it sucks!! I had it and trust me it was really bad!!!

Ubaid said...

LG cookie is pathetic...

hey try the Samsung Corby i think that is of 11500... thats good

warna go for sony ericsson one... atleast its reliable :)

Anushay. said...

Cookie lo
Ya, as ubaid says, Corby lo.
Sony ericson pehlay bhi tha na you k pas? Lagay ga he nai k change kia hai. I veto those series.