Friday, October 23, 2009

Scared Was What I Was.

Last night, I was reading in bed and my sister was sitting on it talking to her friend on the phone. I thought she was shaking the bed, she kept thinking I was shaking it. Her friend told her our friend Mr. Zalzala was shaking everything.

And that is when my heart stopped. No, not literally but I did have trouble breathing, thinking rationally. I have never forgotten the 8th October earthquake and I will never forget it. I wake up at night, as soon as our bed moves in the slightest. It was the most scariest day of my entire short life. I know most people had it even worse but sitting there, in that earthquake, thinking this is it, we're all going to die.... God. NOTHING comes close, nothing.

So last night kinda scared the shit out of me.


LionessWithoutAPride said...

*comforting hug*

Minerva said...

Thank God there were no casualties.

neeli said...

most scariest kya hota hai?
mein bhi darr gayi thi choti si :(