Sunday, September 27, 2009


First of all, ZOMG WE WON!!!

Not that I watched the match or anything, but I'm really happy (don't-kill-meh).

So, last night - the first part- was really good fun. Dad was on his way back
from Gujrat, with D and H updating him with the match scores. Loud arguments ensued over the phone calls with passion soaring up, up and up and up and... You get the point. Pakistan, India tha bhaee. Mazak hai koi?

As soon as dad got home, we broke out the Pepsi/ Coke and Sour Cream and Onion ganday se chips. EVERYONE was gathered around the T.V. Except yours truly. Who was watching One Tree Hill (again, don't-kill-meh).

Then we migrated to mom and dad's room, watching the match with the blessed, blessed air conditioner. With yours truly applying mehndi on first Mama's then Sid's hands. Heh.

Tempers were seriously running high with H so agitated, he was bouncing in his seat, literally vibrating with pashawn. Then the screams of OUT HAI, OUT HAI! YAR, IS UMPIRE NE PAISE KHAYE HUAY HAIN! PAGAL HAI YE ADMI?! OH BHAI, OUT HAI!!!

I jumped and ruined the mehndi every single time janab H sahab shouted and screamed and roared at the poor, hapless T.V. Aur phir light chali gai. Pakistan zindabad.

H turned on the radio full volume. I was in a half daze by then and applying wiggly squiggly things on my own hands. Mom and dad dozed on and off. Off, when there was only the sound of the radio. On, when H bellowed OUT HO GYA, OUT HAI YAR, UTHO SARAY, SO KAISE SAKTE HO??!!!

Anyway, after all the drama, Dad decided we're going out for beef kebab. At 2:30 a.m. I was lying down, admiring my hands by then, Sid was squinting at the laptop screen and Mom was sleeping. Dad woke her up 'chalo, kabab khanay chalein'. D, H and friends started their own cricket tournament around 2. So we went. For beef kebab. They were so good.

On the way back, the r.js were high on our victory. Everybody was playing puranay patriotic gaanay. So there we were, singing along to Ae Jazba Junoon, with all the windows rolled down when we stopped at the signal. Right beside my window, a few guys were roaring up on their bikes and one of them crashed into the car in front. There wasn't any damage, and the guy rolled his bike back to beside my window. The man who's car he crashed into got out with a gun in his hand. He slapped the bike guy, quite a few times - also with the butt of his gun. The guy fell down with his bike on top of him and the man kept hitting him.

Right. Beside. My. Open. Window. The gun scared the shit out of me, I am not kidding. Violence scares me. I haven't ever before realized what a sheltered life I've led. My heart literally skipped a beat, then started jack-hammering and all the blood drained out of my face. It may seem like an over reaction right here but if you were there... I was scared the man was going to shoot the guy. I don't know what happened since the signal went green at the moment the bike guy fell off.

I know he was wrong. But it doesn't justify the gun. I kept thinking (God forbid, God forbid) what if it had been one of my brothers? It shook me up. I don't know.
I just keep thinking about what happened to the guy.

Khair. We won =)



Thursday, September 24, 2009


I love that glow-y high you get when you meet someone new and feel that instant connection. Non-stop baatein, paglon ki tarah hansna, chawliyaan maarna, just generally being FRANDSHEEPS, ya know? Happy sigh.

It was kinda like that with Een…

…Nah. Een to choori hai, choori. Gandi choori.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


Quite possibly, I am the only female jis ke abhi tak Eid ke kapray nai hain.

*takes a bow*

Thank you, thank you.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Kya, Yaar.

My previous post. MUJHE attention do, MUJHE. Us TASWEER ko nai. I don't CARE if you've seen the pic before because I googled it and its not like the person before me didn't. OKAY?

Could I be more clear?




Argh. No, I'm not that starved for attention. It just really irritates me when people comment on anything BUT what I wrote.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Some Love, Some Sunshine.

She sat at the kitchen table, her chin cupped in her hands, staring out at the tiny patch of grass and flowers and weeds she called ‘her garden’. Her eyes had a soft, liquid, dreamy look about them. She sighed a little, smiled a little. He perched on the edge of her chair, not an easy task, and slid his arms around her, resting his chin on her shoulder.

What are you thinking?” He whispered, his lips close to her ear, so she could feel his warm breath.

She smiled wistfully and leaning back, rested her head on his shoulder.

You know what I’d love to do right now?” Her speech was slow, languid, dreamy, drifting.

What, baby?”

“I want to have a bigger garden, where I’d spread out a sweet-smelling blanket, and lie down on it with you. We’d have sunlight falling over ourselves, highlighting us – you and me. I’d trace your eyelashes with the tip of my finger; trail my fingers through your hair, over your face, memorizing each feature by touch. I’d talk to you about everything and nothing and everything else. I’d rest my forehead on yours and smile at you, look at your eyes and mouth smiling back at me, full of love. For me. Me. I’d love you forever and ever and ever until you were me and I was you and my whole world would be a burnished glow of gold.”

Friday, September 11, 2009


Loud, screaming, badtameez, barbaric, illiterate children make me rethink the idea of having kids of my own.

And here I was thinking I'd be a Pediatric Psychologist.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Meine aj paratha roll khaya. Har bite mein aap ko yaad kiya <3


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Mein Najoomi Nai Hun, Acha?

Just because I'm studying Psychology DOES NOT MEAN I CAN READ YOUR MIND OR PREDICT YOUR BEHAVIOR. Okay, maybe predict your behavior but not if I don't know you, heh.

Mein Psych student hun. Najoomi nai. Stop asking me to read your two-bit (brain?) mind.

No, I can't tell the future or your past either. God.

Saturday, September 5, 2009


You Are High Heeled Boots
You are incredibly sexy. There's no way you could hide it, so you just flaunt it.
You are a naturally talented flirt. You make everyone feel fascinating and attractive.

You have a wild streak. You like to have fun, and your idea of fun is pretty outrageous.
You dare to be yourself and life courageously. People respect you for it.

Felicia Fellatio.

Your Drag Queen Name Is: Felicia Fellatio
You go girl!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Black Forest Cake Creations.

Acha hai. Except for the tiny cake pieces inside. That does NOT taste good.

I like the raspberry sauce. Its way too sweet, but otherwise, I really like the combination of dark chocolate ice-cream with berry sauce.


Try it.

Thursday, September 3, 2009


I want dark purple highlights. Or dark blue ones.

I want to get into G.C.U

And while you're at it, God, could you please add a few inches to my height since my teachers can't seem to find me in class?

Although, I'm NOT that tiny. Really, I'm not. Not THAT tiny. 5 feet is NOT THAT TINY DAMMIT.

Yes. So.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Almost 2:00 A.M.

I can't sleep. Neither can my parents. Or my brother, D. Sid and Haider are druggies, therefore, they never get enough sleep, therefore are asleep even now. And the rest of us are out in the heat, eating croquettes.


Its only two hours till sehri.

And then another hour and I have to get up for uni. Which I do not want to go to. Cause I told a teacher today that I rarely take days off and she can rely on me for whatever.

I hate being responsible and reliable at times like these, WHEN I CAN'T SLEEP AND SO WANT TO AND... Blekh.

Sigh. But we all know I'll go, anyway.

Aj phir roti walay chips khaye ITNAY MAZAY KE THAY.

Een, you realize, you and I talked for over 3 hours today? Too much louve <3

And blogged about each other, too. Haye.

So Imma go try again. Night, y'all.

P.S. I don't make much sense, do I.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Study of Values.

My Study of Values test showed that aesthetically, my score's way above average. And religiously... way below.



The Other Side Of Me.

Maryam says:
Your new blog title reminds of Miley Cyrus's song

Mehreen says:

Maryam says:
The other side, the other side, the other side of me

Mehreen says:

Maryam says:
Hannah Montana ka

Maryam says:

Mehreen says:

Mehreen says:

Mehreen says:

Mehreen says:

Mehreen says:

Maryam says:

Maryam says:

Ink Stain.

I like it. But I can't change the colors. Its kinda bland =(