Sunday, August 16, 2009

What Is Going ON?!

It seems as if my home is falling apart, ever since my dad left for Iraq. No, seriously. First, the T.V. in our lounge just went blank. We were watching it and it went blank and turned off and does not turn on no matter what you do. Then the deep freezer started melting everything inside and is now basically a cupboard, and is leaking horribly smelly water which makes my kitchen smell like dead rat. Then somehow, the button on our water cooler broke loose and we can't fill any more in it cause that leaks too. Oh, our car is also not in proper working order. Then last night, the one remaining T.V. we had pulled the same crap as the first T.V.

Mere A.C. ka remote bhi jam ho chuka hai.


Minerva said...

What is your dad doing in Iraq??

LionessWithoutAPride said...

OH no. Bummer.

Ali said...

sunday, the 16th maybe?