Thursday, August 27, 2009

Social Psychology.

Lecture 1:

"Today, with the introduction, I'll teach you girls the definitions of Social Psychology. Then we shall discuss them."

We write down 10 of them. We 'discuss' (read: dissect) them till we're S-I-C-K of each and every word.

Lecture 2:

"So. Today we'll discuss the definitions."

One brave soul dared point out that we'd already done so.

"No, we haven't."

We proceed with the discussion. Which is the same as Lecture 1.

Lecture 3:

"We'll do the definitions today."

We stare with out mouths open. I'm not kidding.

Lecture 4:

"Hello, girls. Today we'll cover the definitions and discuss them."

We don't bother pointing out that we've been doing that for more than a week. We discuss the definitions. Again.

Does this woman have a memory disorder or something?


Ali said...

Night terrors, perhaps.

Americanising Desi said...

hhahahahahaa.... marvelous!
i miss college :)

hey ali whazup!

Ubaid said...

You seriously need to change your university :/

Xeb said...

Ouch! :P Poor you! What university are you in again?!

Maryam said...

Ubaid, how do you expect me to change my univeristy in my last year of Hons.?

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Lol.. i miss college too...
Khair..why u care .. the less u study the more u have to give exam for .rite?

Salman Latif said...

Best of luck with that course - I'm sure you have a fine sample in that teacher for a social-behaviors' observation :D

Anushay. said...

haaaha. I'd be pulling my hair out by now =P

mehreenkasana said...


Minerva said...

Holy Crap.