Sunday, August 2, 2009


"Bebo mein Bebo
Dil mera le lo
Dil denay aiiiiiii
Le le jee, le lo"

Alright, somebody help me explain the meaning of this stupid, stupid song. My God. Just LOOK at those horrendous lyrics. They're just... stupid. And so is the movie. Waste of time, really. The only slightly better thing about it is Kareena's wardrobe. Which seems to shoe a lot of skin. Hmm. Scratch the wardrobe. Don't watch, please.

Yes, I know I'm late. But I just saw the song and... Hell, could the Indian film industry get any stupider?!

Yes, my loves, it most definitely can. Just hear the soundtrack of 'Shadow'. God. It makes me actually laugh out loud.

Anyone who knows me at my worst, I love cheap Indian gaanay. Really. They're funny and fun and I love to shock people by bursting into *insert-random-cheap-Hindi-gaana*, complete with all the dance moves. Man. But this is just going a bit too far.


Seher said...

does that cheap indian gaaney list have 'white white face dekhay dilwa beating fast, sasura dance maarey re' ?? if yes then yaaa hoooo!!! ;)

as for this Bebo song..
Bebo = Kareena [real nick name]
I think they used it in the context of baby or whatever I m not even gettin into the logic.

But I wanted to watch this one for Akky Baby :| isnt he to drool for?


Maryam said...

HAHA, YES, that song exists on the list. As for the nickname, yes I know that, my point is that song SUCKS. Its really stupid, meaningless and just boring.


Seher said...

I think that is the whole point of that song, IT SUCKS THE PATIENCE OUTTA YOU! :P

AKKY is not HOT?????

HE IS !! HE IS !! :'( [do i remind u of some whinny teenager ;)]

I fell for him since 'tu cheez badi hai mast mast' and then it was reborn with 'dharkan' and then it just grew and grew and grew... This Man is second best HOT on my list :$

CrazyLady said...


But he's wearing girl pants in this picture.TURN.OFF.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Kareena wardrobe is not hot... its ...hmm..

Xeb said...

True dat. There is cheap (white-white-face being one of my all-time favorites) and then there is an insult to my intelligence. The latter annoys me considerably! :P

Haris Gulzar said...

Atleast I found someone who hates, or if thats too harsh a word, thinks that many of indian songs are cheap. Have you heard the song beeri jalayi le jigger se piya, jigger main aag hai parosi se razayi le lo lihaf le lo and what not :-(

And people go crazy about these songs :'(

Ali said...

i hate the movie altogether, but Kareena is just too hot :):)

Ubaid said...

Go watch LOVE AAJ KAL!!

Maryam said...

Haris: I'm a whole jukebox of cheap Indian songs. Ofcourse I heard Beedi.

Ali: Lol. Er.

UB: Mera cable wala middle mein se lagata hai.

Ubaid said...

yaar, go to the cinema, cable wala kaat ker lagaye gaa that movie is really awesome seriously!!

Maryam said...

The cinema is in DHA. I live very far away. Very far away, I tell you.


Ubaid said...

no, who said that ?? they have it in TOWNSHIP and FORTRESS as well... didn't you knew?? and oh yeah its on in Bahria town as well, and well so its on every where... and by the way dha isn't that far!! seriously this is coming from a person who lives almost out of lahore!!