Thursday, July 16, 2009

Majboori ki Rishtedaari.

I think I've mentioned 10,0000 times before that I truly HATE having my privacy invaded. I do not gel well with people who don't give a flying f about my privacy. Well, I don't give a flying f about them. Really, couldn't care less. And then they all go like how I'm so Goddamn 'sarriyal', and have my nose stuck in a book, or how I'm always in my room..

Has it ever occurred to you, 'rishtedaar that I have to tolerate', that I do all this to avoid you cause you kinda make my life a FREAKING HELL?!

But, NO. I'm always the one who's wrong. Not them, the little saintly angels from the Heavens above. Its always Maryam who's wrong, the bad little girl who is oh-so-anti-social.

I hate that they stand on my head whenever I have to use the computer, I hate that they read every single thing I have open aloud, I hate that they read my freaking conversations with my friends for God's sake, aloud. I HATE that I have to give up my personal space to a 10 year old boy who treats us as if we're born to be his slaves and do his bidding and no-one fucking seems to fucking care.

She opens up my cupboard and stuffs all her things inside completely disregarding the fact that this is not her own place. She could maybe ASK for some space, not just thrust her things inside, dislodging mine and acting as if she owns the whole fucking place. I hate their presumptuous, arrogant attitude I wish I had one chance, just ONE to tell her what I actually think of her, her slimy little son and her shit of a husband.

And. I hate it when they come over unannounced and expect to be served immediately, strutting around with their noses up in the air. Superiority complex at its peak, I'm telling you.

I kid you not. These are not exaggerations, I kid you not.


Lydia said...

Hey don't hold back tell us how you really feel.

Lolz Just kidding. Yeah I know what you mean. My little brother is the worst for it. He comes into my room pretending to look for somthing and then reads whatever I am doing on the computer over my shoulder. Then if I come near him while he's on bebo he screams the house down!!!

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Ubaid said...

i totally understand what you mean by this, and suffer the same thing coz of living in a joint family system =/

AD said...

i m not here to pity... i m here to offer a hug!

Bitter Truth said...


Apna khon na jalao tum. Acha. I know, I've some of those type of relatives too and DON'T ask how much I hate them. Take a chill pill, honey :)

Anushay. said...

Maryam is so sariyal.


I know you want to kill me (H)

mehreenkasana said...

Haan jee.

Anonymous said...

you have any idea what they think of you.?.. uh.. nvm.

Anonymous said...

you have any idea what they think of you.?.. uh.. nvm.

Maryam said...

Anon: Couldn't care less, friend.

Lydia, Ubaid: Lol, poor you.

AD, Bitter: *hugs back*

Maria said...

Chainsaw NOW. And come back to Islamabad.

Angie, The Rehab Reject said...

You should *accidently* leave this post open when they're around. They'll, in all probability, stumble on it. And ta-da! May be you'll never ever see them again ;)