Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hello, There.

She paced her room, impatience making her body vibrate. Quick, light steps. Waiting, waiting.

At last. Her phone rang. Trilling with their favorite song. Hearing it put a smile on her face and he could hear it in her voice as she answered.

"Hi, baby. Missed you"
"Kab se intezaar kar rai hun. Kahan reh gaye thay?"
"Um. Sorry? Mwah!"

And there it was. The smile in her voice when she spoke. The one that set his own mouth curving, of its own accord.

She let his voice wash over her, igniting her nerve endings, sending pleasure racing down her spine, making her shiver with it. She closed her eyes, wallowing in the deep timbre of his voice that had the power to hold her so enthralled. Only his. Only him.

" know which one I'm talking about, right?"

She'd stopped hearing his words, focusing only on his voice. She hmmm-d and let him go on till suddenly she interrupted him mid-sentence:

"Ek minute, ek minute!"
"What happened?"

And she kissed the phone's mouthpiece, ever so sweetly, ever so loving. Sending her heart's emotion from her lips to the phone which transferred to his ear and made a tiny, glowing place in his own heart, the core of it.

And she could hear the smile in his voice, this time. Quietly:

"That was adorable. I love you. Insanely."

And again. His voice. Igniting her nerve endings, sending pleasure racing down her spine, making her shiver with it.


Americanising Desi said...

you remind me of my poem...

imagine me whisper in your ear :)

wonderful post!
love it to the core!

CrazyLady said...

I loveddd it.

Now I'm the one who's jealous.:P

Holyzatanxgirl said...

And they were all yellow. <3

Bitter Truth said...

Such love, wow. <3 it.

Maryam said...


Ali said...

visitor # 7777 xC

Ali said...
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Haris Gulzar said...

Love needs no words...

mehreenkasana said...

Yammay. Hello. Sweet hello.