Tuesday, July 14, 2009


You annoy the fuck out of me.

Yes, I know I'm being unfair and wrong and will probably be condemned to eternal hell for this.

I can't help it, you know? You've made me this way.

I worshipped the ground you walked on.

I idolized you. You were everything for me.

Mama says I should respect you no matter what. I can't. You are responsible for this. For all of us losing all respect for you.

I can't stop, I can't, can't.

I hate myself for this.

You. Did This.


mehreenkasana said...

Same You that I once spoke of, Yammay?

You, you and you's.

insidedisillusion said...

Hope it feels better soon, M.

Marina said...

Love you. Here to listen if you want. Hugs.

Lonely Perverted Soul said...

Everything will be alright dont worry... This will pass... Take care..