Friday, June 5, 2009

Back To The Start.

6th semester finals. Start 10th June. All I've done lately is play games on my mobile for hours on end, facebook insanely, bug people through MSN, texts and phonecalls and various other things. Including cleaning up my room. In a nutshell, doing everything but studying. Yes, I realize this happens to me every single time during every single examination. To kya karun mein. I can't HELP it.

All I want to do is meet people I want to meet. All of them. Except my family. They come over almost every weekend. Pehle he mein parhti nai upar se ye apne badtameez bachay le kar ajatay hain. KYA KARUN MEIN?!

All of my friends who don't live in Lahore should move here. Bus. Marina, Jatoi, Neeli. Sun lo. Bus Kasana achi hai. Wo yahan hai. Hum milein ge.

Yay <3


Marina said...

Haw haye.
*goes and packs*

Maryam said...


Ubaid said...

waisey am in lahore too :p

Anushay. said...

Sali bakwas na kar!

Last time bhi rant rant rant blah blah blah tears tears tears i can't study and GPA of 3.8 (Mashallah)

mehreenkasana said...

Woot. We be meets after the paperiez. Woot.