Tuesday, March 31, 2009

One More Thing.

Anushay love, I owe you a birthday post. I'll make one, soon Inshallah.

Meanwhile...I can't wait to meet up. Love you, bitch. Happy birthday =)


I slept pretty late last night and was up by nine this morning - I don't know why.
Had breakfast with mom and dad, which is always fun. Then sat around watching lame morning shows with mom and laughing hysterically over this one segment on "What To Do If Your Husband Stares At Other Women". The suggestions were pretty stupid, I thought. Seperate post on that later IF anyone's interested =P ( do let me know hahaha).

Then WAPDA decided to say hello at 11. And something...came over me. And I actually started cleaning my desk. As in LITERALLY picking up each and every piece (I have lots and lots on it)and wiping away ALL the dirt with vinegar+water, turpentine and Surf Excel. Lol. Worked pretty well =P

Took me till 2:30 in the p.m. Then we went shopping for something I could wear to my friend's wedding, which is in about 2 days. Yes, I do tend to plan ahead. After 2 hours in Liberty, we found zilch. My favorite shop had this AMAZING shalwar kamiz in burgundyish-maroon with gold kaam and a stunning dupatta. And obviously, they didn't have it in my size. There was a size smaller and a size bigger but not my size. It was SO PURTY ='(

And I had to leave it. Sigh.

Soon as I came home, since I'd promised everyone, I started the nuggets - from scratch. Which is a pretty long, tiring process. Not to mention dirty and can't-get-rid-of chicken smell. So, we had nuggets with fries and pepsi and they were good <3

Then I went with mom and Moosa to pick up dad. Before leaving, I tried on this other shaadi type jora and decided I would wear that. I changed back into my normal clothes and:
Moosa: Aap be jaa rai ho baba ko lenay?
Me: Han. Na jaon?
Moosa: Jao magar kapre change kar ke ao wo jo abhi pehnay thay wo pehno. Ye ganday kapre nai pehno baba kya kahein ge, meri beti kitni gandi hai! Jao wo achay kapre pehan ke ao.
Me: ...=/

Can you BELIEVE this kid is THREE years old?!
I'm dead on my feet right about now.

Monday, March 30, 2009


"I believe everything happens for a reason, people change so that you learn to let go. Things go wrong so that you appreciate them when they are right, you believe less so eventually, you trust no one but yourself. And sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together."

- Marilyn Monroe

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Anushay. says:
have you read my blog?

Maryam says:
um. Yeah. Insomnia wala?

Anushay. says:
haan =D. Wah no galiyan =/

Maryam says:
Han i read it

Anushay. says:
i repeat. Wah no galiyan =D

Maryam says:
LOL. I was going to. But then...i refrained =P

Anushay. says:

Maryam says:

Anushay. says:

Maryam says:

Anushay. says:

Anushay. says:

Anushay. says:

Anushay. says:

Anushay. says:

Maryam says:

(That was her copying my comments, in case you didn't get it =P)

I'm So Sick Of This.

I bet you guys are too. Listening to me moan and whine about being friendless. Ah well.

I don't know what's worse. Trying to convince myself that it doesn't really matter, and failing spectacularly, or the memories that I can't get rid of. And keep thinking about. It just goes on and on and on in my head, I don't know what to do! And every day, there's another reminder of what's happening. Everyday, I have to rehash it all over again with someone and I. Am. SO. SICK. Of it ALL.

Her birthday's coming up. Do I even wish her, or no?

Big M.

Okay. So, I had the most AMAZING steak last night - all thanks to Beenish.

There you go. I mentioned you and last night on my *cool* blog =D
Haha *much love*

Saturday, March 28, 2009


I don't know what to write here anymore. I have so much stuff going on, and I still don't know what to write. Maybe its BECAUSE of all thats happening. I don't know.


Dear Mom,

Its annoying sometimes how disconcertingly RIGHT you are about everything. Every single time.

I love you,


Thursday, March 26, 2009

So. True.

"it was magical. Amazing. Intoxicating."

-Completely true.


We'd been talking and laughing together, exactly like we used to before the fight you had with F. And as soon as I got home, I got a text from you. Such a wonderful one. Made me glow =)

"...mera bilkul ab dil nai karta tum mein se kisi se bhi baat karne ka, na he kisi se dosti rakhne ka. Tum log aapas mein khush raho, mujhe alag samjho."

After 7 years being so-called BEST FRIENDS, fighting with our own parents for each other (at least on my side), leaving everything else and thinking that whatever happened, we'd be together. 7. Fucking. Years.

And this is what you say to me. You don't even have the guts to say it to my face, you just broke it off when you knew I'd be home and THROUGH A TEXT MESSAGE, for Lord's sake.

I thought we'd be friends forever...forever's a really, really short time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009



*whispers* Am I crazy?

*the person in the mirror is nodding at me*

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I HATE my internet cable wala.
I HATE HATE HATE this constant, unscheduled load-shedding.

And mom, please. I HAVE grown up. I KNOW ke Maghrib ki azaan ke waqt movie bund kar detay hain *rolls eyes*

Monday, March 23, 2009

Anushay - Phirse.

"I never thought you are one of those low esteem walay loug. I LOVE the person you are. The PROUD lil bitch you are. You NEED to be superior baby, because you ARE that way. I do NOT know a person I can relate you with, WHICH makes me respect the person you are. You are unlike ALL the people in the world i have met, and that is what makes me love you and talk to you all the time, whore. And you feel that way again I am going to come and shove some self esteem up your ass. Kissy. I love you melli Mano Moti Khan."

-in response to my stupidity. <3

Deep Thoughts...

Muje bhook lagi hai.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Think Of One.

Okay, the lounge carpet is almost dry and it STINKS like HELL.

Haider, Sid and I all wore black today. Coincidentally.

Hawa thandi hai per mausam kafi garam hai aj.

There was a scary, scary baba trailing me outside college. *shudder*

We had fun at GCU today.

Please koi mera GCU mein admission karwa day ='(

Right now, I CRAVE cheesecake. And Copper Kettle ka Mama's Poutine. YUM.

100th Post!!

Whattayy. I've been blogging like crazy.

Today I am having a celebratory nashta:

Scrambled eggs, toast and SAUSAGES!

Oh, oh, AND - I are going to GC. Yah (H)

Friday, March 20, 2009


So we're sitting in the lounge and teasing Dani, giving him tips and tricks for cheating to use in his Matric exams. Haider gets up and walks towards our computer. And stares at the floor.

"Um...baba? There's water ALL. OVER."

Baba jumps up, and we're all "Hain?! WTF!"

And then it starts. The storm gets worse and WORSE, Dad's shouting orders at everyone, everyone is calling for Mom, Mom's in her room, offering prayers and we're all "AMIII YAR! Jaldi karein!" Lol.
There's water literally EVERYWHERE in our lounge, we're pulling out all the double bedsheets and towels to somehow absorb the water and it just keeps spreading and spreading - and soon we have our own little pool right in our lounge. How many of you can claim that, eh?

All of us are running around the whole lounge, spreading anything at hand, even (thanks to Dani) my dupatta. Dani and Haider changed into shalwar and t-shirts a while back. They're hiking up their clothes, working all comfortable and I'm staring at them. In my uncomfortable shalwar kameez AND dupatta. And I can't even hike anything up a bit cause my dad's there. Ah, the joys of being a woman =S

Mama's all panicked and trying to soak up as much water as she can with as many sheets as possible. And then the Reza family (uncontrollable) habit kicks in. Baba, Dani, Haider and I are all making jokes, laughing, spraying water over everything/everyone and teasing Mama, "chalein aap ka carpet to saaf ho gya na" and Mom's giving us THE LOOK. Nope, too difficult for us to stay serious and tense for more than 10 minutes. Though it got REALLY BAD in between.

Oh and HOW can I forget Moosa =D. The kid kept everyone in stitches. Jumping around, splashing in the water, laughing maniacally, and telling everyone, "na karo. aise to nai sookhay ga. Pankha chala ke so jao saray subha utho gay khudi saaf ho jaye ga". He's getting in everyone's way and making everyone laugh despite our being really tense and all. Haider's all "chotay, khud be koi kaam kar le" and Moosa sahab ghairat mein aa ke picks up my Grandma's stool and carries it out of reach of the water. Lol, every minute, he picks up the stool and moves it slightly away, waits for the water to come closer, moves it away a tiny bit, and does it all over again. And he's still trying to convince us that the water will dry itself, we just need to sleep and everything will be okay. Haha I LOVE that kid.

....have to soak up the tiny bit in my room now. Later.

Thank GOD the storm let up. Otherwise...we'd have our very own swimming pool in the lounge. No exaggerations.

1. Water creeping in from outside.

2. Spreading everything all over, Moosa playing with Grandma's stool.

3. Lol. Can't resist posing in front of the camera.

4. Pool!

5. More pool.


"If I was a rich girl
na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na
See I'd have all the money in the world
If I was a wealthy giiiirrrllll"
I has gone insane. Gwen Stefani. Wo bhi Rich Girl. Oh Lord. (*whispers* - she looks like a drag queen sometimes.)

I think I'm gonna go watch One Tree Hill. Not that that's any better. Per phir be.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fuck You All.

Yeah, that's right. FUCK you all. All of you. You call yourselves friends? Lanat hai aisi "friendship" per.

All the time you guys were fighting, I didn't say a word because I KNEW that obviously, whatever I said would go against at least one of you. I didn't want that. Who would? And the two people who started all this, the ones who weren't even part of our group, its THEIR fault, and you blame ME and N?! Are you guys completely NUTS?! Andhay behray ho gaye ho dono? Galti UN logon ki hai and you're taking it out on us BECAUSE we weren't getting involved, so we wouldn't have to take sides?!

Amazing. Seriously.

You. Supposedly my best friend. You text me that you've never been this disappointed in your life, that I didn't stand up for you, that I was being all "sophisticated" and standing off to the side and not getting involved because to quote YOU, it was all just a big show for me. I obviously wouldn't care about you, what a funny thought. Why would I, right? I had so much fun staring at two of my closest people LITERALLY blasting the other's ears off, blaming, accusing, threatening, what not. You say that you don't believe in friendship anymore. That I proved myself that day. That to me, it didn't matter because it had nothing to do with ME. Yeah, you're absolutely right, that's exactly why I call you my best friend. And whatever I say doesn't matter. Because I apparently showed my true colors that day.

I told you I stood up for you. That when all three of the others (2 of them who weren't even IN the group) blasted me. Accused me, galiyan shaliyan and everything.

I. Stood. Up. For. You. Just because I wasn't shouting like a veshi, jangli aurat didn't mean I didn't say anything. I did. I fought with them. Because of you. But obviously, I'm a liar. Right? That's what you believe. That I'm lying about this and just covering my ass.

And YOU. F. You were the most badtameez and the most badlehaaz of ALL of us. You lecture about being a 'lady' and always going on and on about 'tameez'. YOU were the one jis ko us din lag raha tha tameez choo ke nai guzri. YOU were the one shouting. YOU started the shouting. YOU didn't care that two people, who's fault this was, who STARTED it for God's sake, were there and you insulted, demeaned, and seriously verbally abused all of us in front of THEM.

Alright, fine. This was all over and done with right? Then last night, when you came online and talked to me about this, DOBARA mujh se lar rai thi, you smoothed things over with me. You told me to forget all of this, that she and you would never be friends again but that didn't mean that you and I couldn't be. And you even congratulate me on my GPA and apologize for forgetting, because you were angry. So we parted somewhat friends.

And today. I find out that you told N that everything B accused you of, every single negative thing she said about you, "Ye mein nahi, ye Mona karti hai."
Those were your exact words.

Yeah, love. I'm better off without people like you.
Fuck you. ALL.

New Facebook.

I HATE the new Facebook. It looks specially designed for the dyslexic/mentally retarded. No offense to either. I bet even THEY'D hate it. Its so annoying!

This is awesome, though =D

Watch it!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Someone make everything go away.

You know, you're not much help.


How do you make it right when two of your closest friends have it out and you're caught in the fray? You've been friends for more than 3 years. Been through almost everything together. Deaths in the family, parents in one case, moving away, getting married....

...then you have a fight over this stupid, stupid thing. It doesn't make sense, you KNOW it doesn't make sense. But there's nothing you can do.

And suddenly, you're not a group anymore.

How do you make it right?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pornographic Literature.

(Bet the title caught your attention =P)

My sister called * pornographic literature. Somebody explain to her what pornographic literature IS.

No, wait. I take that back. Don't tell her =P

Hug Your Phone!

THANKYOU! To the one who sent this and especially to the one who made this =)



I am such an emo.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


They were on the edge of the dance floor, surrounded, boxed in, and his arms were around her. His face was close. "Just move". He did just that against her. She stared, apprehensive, in love, scared, but in love. Someone bumped her hard from behind and brought her up against him, curves to angles. Her hands gripped his shoulders, her breath came fast, eyes on his, dark, wide. Through all the scents - the clash of perfume, sweat, spilled drinks - he smelled only her. Fresh, sweet, innocent. He clasped her to him, hesitating, hesitating, drawing out the moment, the now, the ache and the anticipation, till they were reeling from it. She smiled at him, soft, sweet, shy. Floating, drifting, gliding. Just a little more...

Melting Moments.

Sid and I (just 2 minutes ago) were going through her worship-worthy recipe book and drooling over the desserts. We stopped on Melting Moments and drooled some more. I asked why she never made these and:

Sid: I had to make them in my Nutrition practical exam.

Me: And?

Sid: My teacher took one look and said, "THIS IS A DISAAASTER!!!"

Me: Hahahahaha! Why, what did you do?

Sid: Pata nai. Mere mun mein to melt ho rahay thay =/
P.S. Thankyou Google, for the yum image. Teach my sister something.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


The mehndi was fun. Especially since almost everyone knew me there. Lol. That part was also sort of freaky, though.

Fatima's Dad: Arayyy!!! Aap to Maryam ho na? Bank wali, choti si, pyari si bachi?
Me: Er. Aap ne mujhe kahan dekha? (lol)
Him: Beta, aap ki pictures itni zyada hain Fatima ke sath, everyone knows you!
Me: *blank stare*

Fatima's friend: Yar, ye sab kaun hain? New friends?
Fatima starts introducing everyone and when she gets to me..
Friend: Oh ye to choti si Maryam hai!
Me: WTF! How do YOU know?!
Friend: Haha, everyone does.

By this point, I'm staring holes through Fatima and hissing at her "tum ne KYA bataya hua hai sab ko?!"

Then this tall, gorgeous woman bursts inside the room and literally yells "Maryam Reza! Utni ki utni ho tum!"

Lol. Turns out she's one of my school friends. The last time I met her was about... 5-6 years ago? It was nice meeting up after so long. It was fun =)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Heels <3



My sister just texted me that she made it to the student council. She is now the Literature Rep. 

My mom was crying with happiness.

Maybe yesterday was the way it was so I could appreciate today all the more.






My last post was published around evening, I guess. 

Last NIGHT. Well. Made me thank God for all the nice, crapless, shitless days I'd been having and didn't realize. 

One friend tells me I'm (apparently) a very nice girl, and that I shouldn't ever get into these quote stupid, worthless, beghairat unquote relationships... because I'm a nice girl. Then he proceeds to blast my ears off for two hours and convince me all men who claim to love me want me for sex, that because of my being a nice girl, I shall be taken advantage of, I will be used and then discarded without mercy, I shall be left heartbroken, I don't have a brain, I let people use me. 

Oh yes, poor, poor Maryam.

Then at about 4 a.m., another friend calls and to put a fitting end to the bad day and shitty night, he tells me I'm "cold, unfeeling, give off weird vibes" and not the person he thought I was. That he's happy I'm not "warm and receptive anymore" because according to him, warm and receptive people aren't treated likewise and then sooner or later, their flame dies out. And that's a good thing.

How is that a good thing, can someone please explain to me?

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Anushay, Yet Again.

So, Anushay's telling me about all the random posting she's doing...about 4-5 in one day =P
I'm laughing and :

Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
another post
Anushay. says:
is UP =D
Maryam says:
Anushay. says:
I should STOP =/

Maryam says:
haha NO
Maryam says:
its cathartic
Maryam says:
if you know what that means =P
Anushay. says:
no i don't =S
Anushay. says:
isn't it some bemaari? =S
Maryam says:
Maryam says:
Maryam says:
Maryam says:
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
i know you will blog about ths now =D


Here I am,
Lost in the light of the moon,
That comes through my window.

Bathed in blue,
The walls of my memory divides,
The thorns from the roses.
It's you and the roses.

Touch me and I will follow,
In your afterglow.
Heal me from all this sorrow,
As I let you go.
I will find my way
When I see your eyes,
Now I'm living,
In your afterglow.

Here I am,
Lost in the ashes of time,
But who wants tomorrow,
In between,
Longing to hold you again,
I'm caught in your shadow.
I'm losing control.

My mind drifts away,
We only have today.

Touch me and I will follow,
In your afterglow.
Heal me from all this sorrow,
As I let you go.
I will find my way
I will sacrifice,

'Til the blinding day,
When I see your eyes.

Now I'm living,
In your afterglow
When the veils are gone,
As I let you go,
As I let you go.

Touch me and I will follow,
In your afterglow.
Heal me from all this sorrow,
As I let you go.
I will find my way
When I see your eyes,
Now I'm living,
In your afterglow.

Bathed in blue,
The walls of my memory divides,
The thorns from the roses.
It's you who is closest...

-Afterglow, INXS

I heard this song after a long, long time on the radio this morning. Nostalgia.

Saturday, March 7, 2009


You are the most STUBBORN person I have EVER met. You annoy me all to hell and back and NEVER. SHUT. UP.

I hate how you always somehow get your way. I hate how I always have to give in to you. I hate how I always have to be 'the better one'. Why don't YOU try it, for a change?! I really, REALLY hate that you do stuff almost every day that makes me bitch about you. I know its wrong, but I won't stop.

I'm tired of this.

Shaadi Cards.

A friend of mine is getting married soon, and I just LOVE both of the cards she sent:


Ignore the mess in the background =P

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The World Has Been Taken Over...

...by Mojo Jojos.

Warning: I haven't ranted in a long, long time - may contain explicit content - and TODAY was a very rant worthy day. So here goes.

Mojo Jojo #1:

The Cognitive teacher. GOD she is NUTS! Again, our classroom was taken over by all teachers for Du'aa and another Quran Khwani. Okay, so we stuck around outside, no problem. Then the Cognitive wali calls us inside and goes all "Jis ne Quran nahi parhna wo kaam karay beth ke" we were all okay, sure, better than sitting outside with nothing to do. So, she tells us to get out our photocopied notes of a real brain and draw that, sitting there, and "No tandence vill be marked of any studant, if studant not do wurk. The person who do not draw, absent I vill make tham for two days. Are you understand?" We were all understand very much. A brave, brave soul asked her how to draw from a picture of a real brain (since she accepts only a carbon copy. Anything else is "garbage"). The teacher stared. Then "you have hand. And eyes. And pancil and rubber. What is your problem, eh?". Obviously, there was nothing we could do, so we started drawing it. Everyone finished in about half an hour, and she made us SIT there for TWO! Ye kya bakwas hai?

Mojo Jojo #2:

The gym. Okay, so I had fun there today. There's this Stats teacher who teaches Section A and absolutely DESPISES Section B. I'm in B. And she's extremely sarriyal, btw. Lol. So, we're in the gym, exercising together, and I notice she's exercising on a machine thats out of order. I dare to point it out to her and (I was amazed) she LAUGHED and said "Beta, I can't do this on the other one that works cause mera weight itna zyada hai it slides on the floor"
HAHAHAHAHHAHA uff yar. It was good, she was cracking jokes about her weight and making us all laugh, and was ASTOUNDED that we could cycle for more than 10 minutes at a time (lol). Oh and Section A refused to believe this when I went and told them. Ha.

Mojo Jojo #3:

Psychopathology. I love this teacher. She's also the head of the Psychology Department. I really like her. BUT for one whole hour she makes us write and write and write andwriteandwritewritewrite....you get the picture.

Mojo Jojo #4:

(Mobiles aren't allowed in our uni and if confiscated, have a 20% chance of being given back)
THIS one REALLY pissed me off. While I was at the gym, there was an apparent 'mobile raid' in our class. When I came back, my friends literally pounced on me and "TUMHE PATA LAGA?! Sab ke cell phones le liye hain!" At first I thought it was a joke. Then I looked at Aamna's face and...well the floor literally wasn't there for a minute. I've had my mobile taken before and I believe in miracles now, because I miraculously got it back. The thought of it being taken again....I don't even want to think the thought. Ab I was told ke Aamna ne class mein BOHAT zyada volume per gaanay lagaye huay thay. This teacher from some other department was outside our class and no one knew. She came inside and snatched Aamna's cell from her. Madi was sitting beside Aamna and the teacher said, "OYE larki! Tumhare pas hai cell phone?" And Madi being an ABSOLUTE GENIUS took it out of her bag and handed it to the teacher. Satisfied, the woman left. Now Aamna's running around here and there, talking to all our teachers, somehow trying to get her cell back. Madi the Genius is crying and shrieking "Mera cellphone chala gya, mein kya karun!". Everyone was really mad at her especially yours truly. Khud day kar ronay beth gai hai mera cell phone chala gya. Fuckingidiotpissoffinacorneranddie!

Mojo Jojo #5:

Psychological Testing. I HATE the woman who teaches this. She has no respect for any student and is also the most BADTAMEEZ person I have ever met. And she is not young. Which makes it worse. She takes our class for about 25 minutes, max. One class is supposed to last an hour. And while graciously grabting us her holy presence during these precious 25 mins, she dictates whole chapters. AT THE SPEED WITH WHICH SHE SPEAKS. Apparently, she believes that we write at the same speed with which she speaks. And if we don't, well then. We're retards. So simple. B****.

Mojo Jojo #6:

Khan ignores everything I say. YES, I shall whine. I'm not an idiot, I get a good GPA because I listen to the teachers. No, I'm not bragging - this is fact and related to what I have to say. We have a lot of assignments we have to hand in on Monday, and she was discussing with her group members how to arrange the one for Psychopathology. I was sitting with them and explained the whole layout. Everyone agreed with me, EXCEPT for my so-called best friend. Khan was all "Nai, aise koi nai karna." Fine then, fuckyou. Who's assignment is always better huh?

Mojo Jojo #7:

I understand well-meaning family, but there is a fucking huge difference between being well-meaning and just plain interfering. My family does (apparently) not realize they interfere. To extreme extents. A certain close family member called at home today, and I picked up. At first, she talked to me as if I were 5 and even then, mentally retarded for my age. Then she asked all sorts of questions about my studies, family, and especially, my personal life. And THEN she proceeds to asking questions like "Beta, tumhari shaadi kyun nai hui abhi tak?" HELLO?! I'M FUCKING TWENTY YEARS OLD WOMAN, NOT FORTY! The rest of her crap, I don't even want to repeat.

Oh, and today, we dusted the computer lab. Because the safai walay all refused to do so, telling our Head of the Department, "Baji, ye hamara kaam nai hai". She then asked for volunteers and promised to help us. So, I volunteered cause hardly anybody else was. By the time we started the dusting, the safai walay were goggling, and all the other girls were coming in and poking fun at us. So mature.

Is it any wonder I HATE studying here?!

End of rant. Thankuplis.

P.S. If anyone gets to this point....I applaud you. Seriously. And you are very, very waaila/wailee. Lol.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


I'm sitting in the computer lab in my uni....and I'm bored. Out. Of. My. MIND.
One of my teacher's father died a couple days ago so they're holding a Quran Khwani in our class cause its the biggest. Class, that is. Which means (probably) no classes today. So I have nothing to do but hide and procrastinate in the lab cause I really don't want to go to the gym. And I'm hiding from Khan too. Because since morning, she's been all "Gym gai ho?" with me "erm-ing and uh-ing" and then muttering "No." Then I pretend to look busy somewhere and ignore her glaring at me. I can FEEL her glaring at me. She makes me feel like a keera. Bah. Nai jaon gi.

Kya bakwas hai yar.

Monday, March 2, 2009


Sid was bitching about the inevitable-parent-lecture we just got. I was laughing and explaining to her what it actually meant. She rolled her eyes and kept on bitching. This, we were doing through SMS - while sitting side by side (LOL) - because of obvious reasons. (If you don't know, I suggest you shoot your insipid little self.)

So. While this incessant bitching session of hers, she suddenly texts me:

"Bytheewaay. -censored younger brother's name- just posted on a girl's wall. Haha"


"-censored younger brother's name- doesn't talk to guys, beta. REMIND me, I have to tell you gossip about him =D"


"Ohkay. Flirt. Itni to mein be nai hun."




"Nai, tum ho. Hahahahahahahahahaha."




Me: You're so SILLY.
Ali: Sillyy sillyy andi ay hawaaaaaa


....both burst into maniacal laughter. Ali punctuating his with 'I'm so awesome, I'm SO awesome...!" and me with "Tum PAGAL ho, PAGAL!"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Universal Hope.


Yahya (Moosa's brother): Moosa! YALLOW YALLOW DAARTY FAALLOW.

Moosa ponders over this for a minute. Then:


Oh Joy!

Oh joy! Oh Lord! They LEFT!!!!


Wtf Part 2

HAHA now its Haider, Sid and I hiding out in the boys room =D

Lol we're done with nashta which was typical Lahore nihaari (IT WAS SOFUCKINGAWESOME!)

Then I had to make chaye. AGAIN. 3 cups mix chaye, 3 cups seperate, 1 green tea. WHY do you people need so much chaye in just two hours?!

I'm so sleepy. Sid and I were up late last night watching Billu Barber (which majorly sucks, btw) then mom comes and wakes us up around 9:30.

Chalay jao yar aap log. Please?


I'm hiding in my brother's room. From the Sialkoti people (very, very unwanted family; and unfortunately, inescapable too). They come here almost EVERY weekend =S


Chalo, at least they didn't bring the kids this time. Thank God for small blessings.

.....and now my mom's hissing at me. Oh please God, make them go away SOON!