Thursday, January 29, 2009

Letter of Rejection To Hairy, Ugly, Assuming I LUFF Them, Egotistical, Non-Humans.

Dear Sir,

I am aware of your perverse delusions. Sadly, I cannot say I reciprocate. Your countenance reminds of one who takes great pleasure in the sexual abuse of the female gender, be it of human form, or animal. The hair covering every surface of your body, makes it difficult to differentiate you from a bear, or an ape. You, sir, are the living proof of the physical degeneration of mankind, the missing link in Darwin's chain of evolution. Hence, I (un)regretfully inform you, I am not interested in your depraved offers. Now, fuck off. plstnxgoodbye. omgwtfbbq? Yeah.


Foto-Collage Blog

1. This one took me about 3 days. It has EVERY single effect you can add on silk from EVERY single thing. Lol.

2. Sugar crystal effect:

3. This was one of the hardest pieces, ever. The leading alone took me 5 hours. One of my favourite ones.

4. I LOVE this one. Yes, I realize I sound very much self-obsessed per khair. Sugar crystals, Egyptian effect, glitter background (all self made tenkyou plis).

5. Ahh, the blending. Which I hate. Which hates I. And the bead effect =)

6. This one took 2 whole days to dry! Hahaha. Sugar effect, extreme lahori heat. The sugar started melting, the keeray started chipking. Disgusting. But turned out okay.

7. LOL, this one is with toothpicks. Haha, the toothpick effect!

8. Fairly easy. Three of my favourite colors, again, sugar crystals.

9. Experiments with different shapes. Half-moons in this case.

10. Salt effect (looks like tadpoles) and coins. Haha they're fairly easy to read =P


Maryam Vill Pass, That Unpossible 2.

When I said maybe I SHOULD fail, just to make people believe me?

...I think its actually gonna happen. Lord, my paper was BAD!!
And it was bad.
Really bad.
Did I mention BAD?!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


So people were hoping I would blog about them. That's so cute =P
Hello people, I'm blogging about you.

You know who you are. Haha =P

Maryam Vill Pass, That Unpossible.

Yeah so, I've decided its pretty much a given i won't pass. I can't. Because this is the first time that I haven't studied the day before the exam. Usually by now, I get attacked by my conscience and start studying. But this time, I think it gave up on me and died. I don't know what to do. I take up my notes, prepare myself for hours of study and the next thing you know, I'm staring at the walls and thinking random thoughts.

Nothing helps. My best friend, she's made herself ill with studying and stressing and worrying. I haven't even STARTED. And the worst part? Every single person goes "Oh, don't worry, you'll pass, you're so good, blah blah blah."
Yeah SURE I will. I mean, I do not know a SINGLE word and half of the stuff, I don't understand; though that's mainly because of the bootiful anglish used. And why does everyone think I'm some sort of genius?! I do NOT get genius grades. My highest GPA so far has been 3.1. Is that genius? NO, it is NOT. People have UNFAIR expectations. ESPECIALLY my parents. Why, oh WHY, do you expect me to be an over-achiever?! I'm not yar! Please, try to understand I cannot be a nerd. No matter how much I try, or want to, I CANNOT.

I wish I were, though. It would make life so much easier. And my parents so happy. Dammit. Upar se my younger sister. In her A-1 midterms, she got an A, A, A+ and a B. WHAT kind of grades are those? And I'm not HER, why do you expect me to get the same result?! Even my best friend doesn't understand. Even SHE is all "Nai, nai, yar. You'll do fayyyyynnnneee".

The world misunderstands.

Maybe I SHOULD fail. That'll make everyone believe me. Hmm.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eysenck's Personality Test

Eysenck's Test Results
Extraversion (82%) high which suggests you are overly talkative, outgoing, sociable and interacting at the expense too often of developing your own individual interests and internally based identity.
Neuroticism (27%) low which suggests you are very relaxed, calm, secure, and optimistic.
Psychoticism (50%) medium medium which suggests you are moderately self interested, willful, and difficult, while still respecting the well being of others.
Take Eysenck Personality Test (similar to EPQ-R)
personality tests by

Cattell's 16 Factor Personality Test

Cattell's 16 Factor Test Results
Warmth 46%
Intellect 50%
Emotional Stability 42%
Aggressiveness 58%
Liveliness 70%
Dutifulness 46%
Social Assertiveness 82%
Sensitivity 26%
Paranoia 42%
Abstractness 66%
Introversion 46%
Anxiety 18%
Openmindedness 66%
Independence 42%
Perfectionism 46%
Tension 50%
Take Cattell 16 Factor Test (similar to 16pf)
personality tests by

Monday, January 26, 2009



I am so, so proud of you. Seriously. I was SO happy when mama read out your result and the expression on her face..haha I'm still laughing! She was so super-excited and obviously, that made me hyper too =P
Lol. I hope you do even better next time.

I love you,

P.S. Ascuse me, WHY did you get a B in Literature?! Other than that, baby you kick ASS!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So after reading my last post,

Anushay: i don't like sleepy drugged maryam. I would have preferred random insults in between.
Me: Lol. Yeah, like you ever give me a chance to actually say anything?
Anushay: Right like i ever do?
Me: Hahaha
Anushay: And like you ever WAIT?!
Me: True...han sai bat hai!
Anushay: Ass, this is you and me. Get a grip!
Me: Blog!
Anushay: Hahahaha, first we used to 'quote it' now we 'blog it' =D
Me: And my so-called best friend doesnt even bother to read and COMMENT
Anushay: Uf, stop whining you whining little whiner. Did I spell it right? (Me: LOL)

I love our random-ness. Hope you get well soon.

Random 2 A.M. MSN Conversations.

Pre-script: No offense meant to any who may recognize themselves here.

An extremely high Anushay and a very sleepy/struggling to stay awake me:

Anushay. says:
i went =D
Maryam says:

Anushay. says:
after a major confusing day
Anushay. says:
and had soo much fun
Anushay. says:
we lost so bad
Anushay. says:
but dude like poondi buri nai thi =D
Anushay. says:
and it was a blast
Anushay. says:
and then we stopped at mg
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
and i got weirdly sick on the sheesha
Anushay. says:
high might b an understatement still feel like puking
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
wahan pe this bunch of girls n guys were there
Anushay. says:
n theys tarted singing happy bday to someone
Anushay. says:
so we also started singing loudly n hooting
Anushay. says:
and they were SO sweet
Anushay. says:
they came up to us
Anushay. says:
before cutting the cake
Anushay. says:
the bday girl n her guy frnd
Anushay. says:
k would you guys please join us
Anushay. says:
we were like OKAY =D
Maryam says:

Anushay. says:
cake kata hum baethhhh gae
Anushay. says:
they came again
Anushay. says:
k please cake to khao
Anushay. says:
n we're like nai thank you so much we just wantd to wish her
Anushay. says:
and then she came witha piece of cake n hum sab ne chota chota lia
Anushay. says:
n took pictures wid her
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
and her boyfrnd
Anushay. says:
had gotten this weird cheesy cake made
Anushay. says:
i mean it was delicious
Anushay. says:
but errr
Anushay. says:
heart shaped
Anushay. says:
bara sa
Maryam says:
Anushay. says:
Maryam says:
Maryam says:
Anushay. says:
uspay likha cute sa tha
Maryam says:
Anushay. says:
i will always love you
Anushay. says:
happy birthday blah blah
Anushay. says:
i was like
Maryam says:
muje goli mar do
Anushay. says:
yahi seedhi sadhay cake pe likh detay not bad
Anushay. says:
and then when were getting pics taken wid her alone
Anushay. says:
it turned out
Anushay. says:
she had turned 17
Anushay. says:
n we were like F* =O
Maryam says:

Anushay. says:
she dint LOOK like it?
Anushay. says:
and we were older than her =D
Anushay. says:
n never figured out
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
khair noor got pissd
Anushay. says:
wtf was tht for heavens sake she's a 17 yr old kid
Anushay. says:
n i m like looking heren there
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
itnaaaaaaaaaa maza aya
Anushay. says:
n ALL of them were so sweet mano
Anushay. says:
Maryam says:
i...kind of got that =)
Anushay. says:
like so ULTRA sweet
Anushay. says:
even the guys
Anushay. says:
warna loug to kahein cheap girls whtever
Anushay. says:
na unhoon ne tang kia na kuch sooo sweet
Anushay. says:
nai please join usss this tht
Anushay. says:
we were SO impressed =D
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
fatima bought this band
Anushay. says:
like wid ears n all
Anushay. says:
woh pehen pehen ktasveerein khencheen
Anushay. says:
sheesha ka nasha kartay waqt
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
n it was so hilarious
Anushay. says:
whn we entered gaddafiu
Anushay. says:
like ANDAR nahi ghusay thay were gfoing zig zag
Anushay. says:
get it?
Anushay. says:
through those metal things
Maryam says:
Anushay. says:
so suddenly this man turns up on my left shoulder n starts saying
Anushay. says:
0 tetra something
Anushay. says:
n i got scared i was like *HAAA*
Anushay. says:
turned around mjhay dekh l number bol raha
Anushay. says:
pechay mere maham has has jhali ho rai cuz i got so scared =O
Anushay. says:
cuz it wasn't pleasant having him breathe his number down my neck =S
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
then we went
Anushay. says:
and then stadium mein b maza aya
Anushay. says:
Anushay. says:
yes i'm done
Maryam says:

I've highlighted my responses so the difference is very much apparent.


Wardah says:
do you have any idea wht time it is
Wardah says:
its fucking 12 am (the time in Saudia, here it WAS 2 A.M.)
Wardah says:
AND im still not done yet
Wardah says:

I gave her a kissy =)

Saturday, January 24, 2009

I Am A Peanut.

My sister just mms'ed me this:

Caption: Hi, my name is Maryam and I'm a cute little peanut.

Random bouts of insanity seem to run in the family.

Bullshit Blue Monday

An excerpt from mindhacks :

"Bullshit Blue Monday is here:

Happy Bullshit Blue Monday! Yes, today is the day where everyone feels down and gloomy about the fact that we're assaulted with lots of completely made up news stories masquerading as psychology and misinforming everyone about science.
Methods suggested for relieving the nonexistent tosh have included everything from petting a pig to knowing that Al-Qaeda’s terrorists are being struck down by the bubonic plague."


Friday, January 23, 2009


First of all, how the hell do you pronounce the name?!
Second, has any one of you EVER had the misfortune of studying his theory? Which sucks, by the way. Makes no sense to me, but then, what do I know right? =P
Its so stupid, seriously. I mean, who gives a damn about the 'minutae of movements'?! Dude, nobody cares.

I like Guthrie ki ek baat, though. He disses all the earlier theorists, even while he based his own theory on some of their findings. Check this:

"The system proposed by Edwin Ray Guthrie follows naturally from those of Thorndike and Pavlov....Pavlov criticized Guthrie for his emphasis on the one principle of contiguity, without sufficient concern for the many complexities within conditioning...Guthrie retorted by saying Pavlov's theory was a highly artificial form of learning, and what was found to occur within Pavlov's experiments needed explanations."
Very politely indicating that Pavlov's theory was (maybe) very biased, and needed more proof and explanation to prove its originality and un-bias. LOL. You go, G!

Another thing. Why did the psychologists in history think they had to prove one minor little point with 10,000 experiments, research, and fazool pages and pages of stuff that nobody could find remotely even useful? Why couldn't they have just made a nice, COMPACT theory so that people like us no-brains could easily understand and reproduce it in our examinations?

Goddammit I HATE experimental psychology. And research.

I fail, that very possible. Especially after the dhoka of my research teacher. I hate you.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

7 Days.

Woke up around 9. Piddled with dad's laptop, refused to start. And Pakistan being Pakistan, the lights went out. So no PC either. Had chaye. Then thought of studying...thought some more. Texted a few people as is my habit when I'm trying to put off studying.

Nothing to do, so finally took out notes. Existential, Humanistic, Eclectic, Cognitive Approaches and Classification Systems. No, I myself have no idea which kala kutta bit me which made me opt for Psychology as my major. The notes mentioned? Thats my course outline for the final paper of 'Abnormal Psychology'. Ooh la la. 7 days left till my first exam.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Got A Secret, Can You Keep It?

Artist: The Pierces
Album: Thirteen Tales of Love and Revenge

Got a secret
Can you keep it?

Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of the m is dead…

Why do you smile
Like you have told a secret
Now you're telling lies
Cause you're the one to keep it
But no one keeps a secret
No one keeps a secret
Why when we do our darkest deeds
Do we tell?
They burn in our brains
Become a living hell
Cause everyone tells
Everyone tells…

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of the m is dead…

Look into my eyes
Now you're getting sleepy
Are you hypnotized
By secrets that you're keeping?
I know what you're keeping
I know what you're keeping

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of the m is dead…

You swore you'd never tell…
You swore you'd never tell…

Got a secret
Can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save
Better lock it, in your pocket
Taking this one to the grave
If I show you then I know you
Won't tell what I said
Cause two can keep a secret
If one of them is dead…

Yes two can keep a secret
If one of us is… Dead.


Mein waqai boht farig hun. Its technically my first day/night off to STUDY but do I study? NOOOOO, I go to blogthings and waste all the tiny little amount of time I do what? S-T-U-D-Y.
Oh but no. Maryam plans to disgrace herself. And her family. By failing the 5th semester. Shame. Someone give me incentive to study. PLEASE, ANYONE! HELP! How do you make yourself study especially when you've been working your ass off to get all your projects and assignments and presentations done on time? How can you study after that?

The date-sheet sucks. As usual. And my Research Methodology teacher very efficiently, made our shit freeze. If that is even possible. And even if it isn't. Whatever. When we had our mid-term paper? She told us the paper. Three nice, simple questions and you're done. And when the finals rolled around, all us little bumbling fools were happy pappy people who expected the nice lady to tel us the whole paper again, and make our research life a bit easier. And what did the nice lady do? Screw us over. She included THE WHOLE OF THE MID-TERM AND FINAL COURSE. EVERYTHING!

We fail, that very possible.

8%?! BUS?! Haw.

You Are 8% Shy
You aren't shy at all, in fact, you're quite outgoing.
You are comfortable in almost any social situation, no matter how awkward or difficult it may be.
You can make conversation easily, and you know how to focus on other people.
If anything, you're the type of person who can put someone shy at ease.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I just read over my previous couple posts.
I am seriously disturbed.

Bipolar Disorder Conquers All.

I now hold the opinion that almost every single person from age 16-25 has been conquered by Manic-Depressive disorder.

I hate people.

I wanna be a hobo. A hermit. Then I wanna be a serial killer. I hate you, people.

See? Just three hours ago I was HAPPY. Imagine.

Happy Hyperness.

I feel like ping-ponging off the walls. I wanna dance around with joy. Happy is what I am. Why you ask?

Well, 9 days of reprieve from that hell-hole Im forced to call 'university' is reason enough. So what if they're prep leaves. NO UNIVERSITY FOR 9 WHOLE DAYS! Hah! Happiness!

*booty shake*

Monday, January 19, 2009


So apparently, Khan gets a lot of 'rishtay'.

Khan: Moosa, mein tum se shadi kar lon?

Moosa: Nai.

Khan: Haw, kyun nai?!

Moosa: Mein tumse shaadi karun ga.

Moosa the macho man likes to be the one to propose.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


That is what I am all the time. Also, reason for the amazingly stupid and pointless blogging earlier. I don't have time. Literally. My life consists of work, work and more work. Since I consider this my online diary, I will write whatever i feel like and that includes my current schedule, even though yes, I know THANK YOU, that no-one cares. Whatever. I:

1. Get up around 7 in the a.m.
2. Toddle around here and there, yawning, wasting time, staring at the walls and yawning some more.
3. Suddenly realize I'm up for a reason. And it is NOT the above mentioned activities.
4. Gulp down chaye (I'm a chaye addict and for reasons unknown, i hate saying the word 'tea', so chaye it is).
5. Run here and there, pick up my bag, drag on shoes, nag dad "let's gooooo!!!", and with my beautifully (read: horror of all horrors) disheveled appearance, I run off to university.
6. Walk, walk, walk, run, run, slow down, climb. climb, climb, reach class.
7. Sit through 5-6 hours of MIND-NUMBINGLY boring classes (WITHOUT breaks since apparently, we sub-humans don't need food. Or rest) with teachers who think teaching us is the best thing that could ever have happened to us in our poor, illiterate lives. They believe themselves God's special showering of blessings upon us 'special childs'. Think they are bestowing a huge honour on us by actually showing up for class and (gasp!) TEACHING us! The fact that what they teach is never gonna help us survive this big, bad world is inconsequential.
8. Take home humongous amounts of work. Yes, according to our teachers, we sub-humans can work for 48 hours without khana, peena sona.
9. Work fanatically and get back, leg, stomach and eye-aches. I don't care if an eye-ache exists or not. It does in my blog. So there.
10. Present it to the teacher next day only to be told "Nooo its all wrong I said blah blah and I'm always correct you sub-human special child, even if tomorrow I say NOOO I did not say what I just did right now!" Okay, I know I'm not making sense but please, I can't.
11. Work, work, work.
12. Work, work, work.
13. Work,work....

Yeah so you get the basic idea. I have no life, whatsoever. I haven't met my friends (what are those?) in ages, my family thinks I'm turning into a manic-depressive hermit and I. Am SO. TIRED.

I have another test tomorrow. I don't know where to drum up the energy to actually bring myself to study for it. Then I have this statistics assignment. Oh, to hell with everything. I won't do it. Yeah, right.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Paisa Darakhtoon Per Ugta Hai.

Ambitious much?

My 3 year old neighour Moosa: Appa, paishay day do!
Me: Hain, kyun?
Moosa: Appa peeeeessshhh na!
Me: Moosa, KYUN?!
Moosa: Appa peesh peesh ek paisha day do bush ek paisha, meine paishay ka dakht (tree) ugana hai! Mein paishay ugaon ga.

Wah jee wah.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rise to the Occasion...

You awaken...

You stare down in disbelief at the blood on your shirt. Your eyes follow it slowly upward as it trickles down from the wounds in your neck. You can't believe you're still alive.
Everything feels different; every sensation feels new. But above all these new and strange feelings rises a terrible thirst. One such as you have never known before. You feel a deep, pulsing need....

Rise to the occasion.

So this is what happens if you join Vampire Wars on Facebook =D

Saturday, January 10, 2009

GCU is Love.

Seriously, its wonderfully, amazingly, beautiful! Its such a staggeringly huge and stunning place! I just love the place and i wanted to sit and bawl right there. I want to go to GCU (Government College University)! I really, really want to go to GC, i wish i could! Obviously, with just a year and a half left in my Bachelors, I can't ='(. Sigh. Maybe Masters...ah well. We all dream, and dream big lol.

We went for the first time today, we had this research project i mentioned in the earlier post. We had to select a random sample of 30 males. We knew a total of one female there, Khan's friend, Annie. Annie had to get us inside IF there was a problem at the main gate, since we didn't have a college reference letter (because our lanti college couldn't care less about how we go about conducting our research, they just want the end result).
So obviously, there was a problem at the main gate. How could there NOT be. There always is when its Khan and I and its just sad. 6-7 years of problems is NOT good. The gate walay, who pretty nice, asked us for our I.D. cards and since we we're not students of GCU, we didn't have any. So we made up masoom/mazloom expressions and said that a friend of ours is from the college and blah blah. They told us to call our friend at the gate and that they would let us go inside after seeing her I.D. So we called up Annie. Who cursed us for even going to the main gate, apparently we were supposed to get inside by the side gate. Where no-one would have cared who we were or where we're from. Yes Annie, we're supposed to know that without you telling us, right? Misunderstandings.

The bahar gate walay let us go inside with Annie, but once we were inside (how could it NOT happen) there suddenly appeared a little man in a guard's uniform and goes "Hanji...Kidher?!" We go "...ummm". And then turns out he already knows we're outsiders (new rule implemented : outsiders not allowed. When this happened? Nobody knows. Our luck) and Annie and the little guard start arguing. And they go on and on and on and on. Meanwhile, Khan and I are being stared at, pointed to, laughed at and it was mortifying. Anyway, the little guard confiscated Annie's I.D. because she told him we were here for the wonderful chaye and she was just taking us to the cafe. He says "thori dayr mein wapas na na ai, proctor office bhaij don ga card!" Annie goes fine. whatever, keep the card.

FINALLY, we go inside the university. Gaping, eyes wide, completely awed, we ran around everywhere for a while, just taking everything in. It was weird asking guys to fill our questionnaires, most of them stared at us blankly, the rest just laughed. They ALL took hours to answer 12 simple questions, close-ended questions - meaning choose just 'yes' or 'no'. How hard is that? For the GCU guys, it was apparently a very intricate brain-game. A lot of them ruined our questionnaires with comments and smileys and stuff. We had to show this to our TEACHER, who makes Hitler look like a nice, gentle, people-loving man. Most of the guys were really non-serious about it, ofcourse, Lahories being Lahories, all were chichoray. Snorts, laughter, lame excuses for not filling it, more snorts and obviously, stares. The reason for which I found out was.... me.
Apparently, Annie neglected to mention jeans were STRICTLY banned from the university. Not just for girls, for GUYS as well. I was wearing jeans. So...yeah. I was pretty much of an oddity. Girls stared, guys stared, we were constantly afraid that if even ONE complaint went to the office...and they called OUR universty...well our lives would have been over right then. For the next few years anyway. Deep sigh. So anyway, we escaped unscathed. Thankyou GOD! No more jeans in GC. Shudder.

Then, when we got to the main gate, the two bahar walay guards were there, not the little one. The nice ones. They gave Annie her I.D. back and asked us how we liked the cafe chaye. We told them we were so tense about their threats and stuff, we practically ran around the university and came back to the gate. Which was a lie, obviously, but they didn't know that. Their faces LITERALLY fell. They went like "Aap ne chaye nai pi hamari wajah se?! Oh jao jao hum bachiyon ko nai tung karte, aap jao hamari taraf se chaye piyo jo marzi karo, 'anjoy' karo, bachiyan khush rahein bus. Aap jao, mazay karo!". Aww. So being the mean people we are...we went back =P This time REALLY to the cafe haha. We didn't have the famous chaye though. But it was fun. I love GC anyway.

The 'Rishta' Kahani.

Haha, okay so this was really funny. Khan and I had some research project we had to work on together, so i went over to her place really early..around 8 in the a.m.

She was livid.

She was sooooooooo angry at the rishtay walay people! She went on and on about "dramay khatam he nai hotay, f** nakhre walay log, samjhte kya hain, blah blah" Haha. This is how the story goes:

They called and said they would come by around 8 p.m. Then 8:30, they call and say oh, we'll be there by 9. They reached Khan's place around 9:30. The aunty, the uncle, the sister (the guy's sister) and her husband AND her little monsters. According to Khan, they were pretty people, spoke well and seemed nice...and they stared. And stared. And stared. I quote "being scrutinized like a hideous, nasty little BUG is NOT my idea of nice!" I quoted in polite words-that's a slightly edited quote. Lol. They asked Khan all the silly, lame questions everyone asks you and then silence fell. And it stayed that way for quite some time. So they stared some more especially the aunty. Maybe she has an eye problem because Khan says she was...well...abnormal in her staring.

Then the little monster action started. There was once a pretty little girl and a pretty little boy. They were little monsters. They ran around screaming, doing their best to destroy anything/everything that was unfortunate enough to come in their path. They screamed at everyone. Khan especially. Then they demand rides on the little 'jhoola' that was for Khan's brother's beautiful little babies. The male little monster goes up to the aunty (the rishta guy's mom) and screams "MUJHE JHOOLA LENA HAI!!!" The aunty goes "Beta, baji se kaho na jhoola day". Baji being Khan. Bache ki taangein nai hain kya? I mean, why is she supposed to push the swing when he can do that HIMSELF?! Oh but noooooooooo, the little 'angel' must be obeyed. After all, he's such a little 'angel'. That was her opinion by the way, only a little of it my own =P

Then they expect her to serve every single thing herself to every single person present. Which is stupid. We all think. But anyway, after that, resume staring. Khan, "Aunty to aisay dekh rahi thi jaise mein koi gandi makori hun..pagal lag rai thi muje to." So yes, she was pretty angry at the weird behavior displayed by all. Cutting to the end, they left pretty late. So overall, they were weird, inconsiderate, weird, overly indulgent towards the little monsters and well, weird. And Khan's family really disliked them. No surprise there. Lol. Lets see what happens next time, although she's SWORN she's never going to go through anything like that again...

Friday, January 9, 2009


Anushay : You're not by any chance 'amir khan', are you?
Me : WHAT?! NO, are you crazy?!
Anushay : Some amir khan on facebook added me...with Amir Khan's picture from 'Ghajini'.
Me : Yes, i so understand why you would think its me. Tumhara dimag kharab hai?! WHY would you think its me?!
Anushay : I don't know..cause you know...its so YOU.

Sharam se doob marnay ka muqaam hai.

I Don't Know.

So things are very, very random today. I don't even know what to label the post, what to write, how to write, what not to write....well frankly, its because just the idea of people reading my inane, STUPID ramblings is very scary. And that too, assuming people actually READ this shit. Which I'm sure they don't. Hah. Good.

Right, so anyway, one of my closest friends Khan (actually Rabia Khan but i prefer calling her Khan) recieved a 'rishta' recently (the word just makes me crack up) and the rishtay walay are coming to see her today. Just the parents, not the guy....and even though we've been thinking up crazy, mad, funny, mad-mad-mad situations which have kept us laughing like idiots all day...its a scary thing. This offer of a rishta "sada munda bara sohna ay " and then the parents coming to observe the selected piece in its natural environment and then judging (negatively) every single expression, gesture, word that the poor girl exhibits.

Obviously, she has to be pretty, well-dressed, "gori, chitti, lambi". Emphasis on gori. Double emphasis. And the rishta i just mentioned..for Khan? The guy has very explicitly stated "larki boht pyari ho, lambi ho, slim ho, boht gori ho, etc." Matlab, wtf? You expect china dolls?! What is wrong with a girl who has a slightly darker complexion than average? Or who's short and not model-thin? What is wrong with people? These stupid, STUPID prejudices make me soooo angry because they're completely baseless and logic-less and everything less! Especially these prospective mother-in-laws...GOD they're really racist and prejudiced when it comes to choosing brides for their beloved prince-like sons. And then when you even hint that their son might not be as perfect as they think he is, (how DARE you?!) they go "looks aren't everything".

What a HYPOCRITICAL attitude! You're choosing a girl for your son based on what? Solely her looks! Ugh, I could go on and on. I've to go check on the dwindling water supply. Since we've had precious little water for 4-5 DAYS. Pakistan zindabad. More ranting later.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Wardah the Racist.

My cousin Wardah (the Saudi) says:

"Why do you guys (i.e. Pakistanis) pronounce your Ws like Vs and Vs like Ws?"

I hate the tag "Pakistanis". Or worse, "Pakis". Shudder. But she has a fair point. Any answers to the question?

"Better a witty fool than a foolish wit" - Shakespeare


I just love this.
Originally from the Aunty Disco Project website.


I miss my friends. I miss them so much. The ones i used to have when I was 5 years old. See, at that age, everyone is your best friend. I miss that.

This post isn't about my "chaddi fraands" and how we all loved each other, grew up, stopped being together, blah blah blah. But i do miss them. Okay whatever, this IS an emotional, stupid, sappy post. This is MY blog. Hah.

I don't like nostalgia =(

Bonfire 2007

Okay, so why I'm blogging about a bonfire that took place 2 years ago, I don't know. All I know is, i needed something to blog about (see what an interesting life I lead?) and this was the first thing that came to mind. Maybe because this was one of the vehshiest (is that even a word?), most fun, most AMAZING nights of my entire life.

I don't know how to describe that night and i won't even try. See, when we get together (Azqa, Anushay, Sidra and I), we tend to get a bit....mad-bad-vehshi-gay-crazy-loony-weird-gay. So...yeah. Oh and just so you know, gay does not necessarily
mean physically gay, it just =P Fun gay. Happy gay. I shouldn't even talk about this.
So i'll just shut up and post pictures =)
P.S. Since these pictures date back to about 2 years...we're ugly.